Cedar Cove series, Book 11 - 1105 Yakima Street
By Dottie
Nov 1, 2011 - 2:22:05 PM

Rachel Peyton first met her present husband Bruce when he brought his six-year-old daughter, Jolene, into the beauty shop, where Rachel worked, for a haircut. Having lost her mother at an early age, Rachel could empathize with the young girl who missed the mother she had lost a year ago. Rachel and Jolene became very good friends. As the years passed, Bruce and Rachel fell in love and finally married ten months ago. Jolene, now a teenager, is jealous of the time her father spends with Rachel and starts acting hostile towards her stepmother. Rachel has tried unsuccessfully to make peace with Jolene. But when Rachel discovers she is pregnant, she knows she cannot risk exposing her unborn child to the tense atmosphere. She even requested that they see a counselor, but Bruce did not want to talk about his private life with a stranger. So Rachel leaves home and stays in a hotel until she finds accommodations with a friend.

Bruce Peyton, a doctor, had been devastated when he lost his first wife and had thought he would never fall in love again. But he had fallen deeply in love with Rachel. He was a man who would go out of his way to try to maintain peace, so when Jolene started acting up he had no idea of how to handle the situation. Devastated that his wife has left home, Bruce is doing everything he can think of to win his wife back, even going to see a counselor, although he is unable to get Jolene to go. Not knowing where his wife is staying, he shows up at her work. But Jolene, hearing about his plans, shows up and causes a scene.

When things at the beauty salon get to be too much with Bruce constantly showing up, Rachel finds another job. So Bruce no longer knows where his wife lives or where she is working, even how to contact her is kept secret from him. His life revolves around one question; How to get his wife back? Perhaps that should be two questions; when will his teenage daughter stop acting like a brat? With Christmas quickly approaching, the one gift he wants if for his wife to return home.

A touching story, 1105 YAKIMA STREET, the eleventh novel in bestselling author Debbie Macomber’s CEDAR COVE series, is a fast-paced, emotion-packed contemporary romance. I loved this story, which covers the lives of various couples in the town of Cedar Cove. Ms. Macomber’s novel can be read as a standalone, but I would advise also reading the other books in this delightful series. Fans of this series are brought up to date on the many people in the town with each subsequent book. The complex, compelling and engaging characters and their clever, realistic dialogue in familiar everyday life is brought to life right before your eyes through Ms. Macomber’s phenomenal storytelling ability. A story that will take you through a range of emotions from tears to laughter, this is definitely a tale you will not soon forget. Regrettably this series is coming to an end. The final addition to this series is also now available; 1225 CHRISTMAS TREE LANE. Do not miss any of the wonderful books in this amazing series.

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