Celluloid Fantasy
By Jennifer Wardrip
Sep 28, 2003 - 6:26:00 AM

Cecile needs a man. Practically jilted at the altar by her ex-fiancée, it's been over a year since she's had sex. Add to that the fact that her old lover's wife is none other than her used-to-be best friend, and Cecile really needs sex.

She's become a sorry excuse of her old self. The frozen dinners that sustain her taste like crap. The wine coolers she drinks by the gallon are turning her into a lush. And the fact that the only sexual release she can get comes from erotic romance books and pleasuring herself, and you've got one sorry excuse for a healthy 25-year old woman.

Until one Friday night, when Cecile decides that she's wallowed in self-pity long enough. She sets out to seduce a man into a one-night stand, and finds him in Ross. Hot, sexy, and downright gorgeous, he's everything that Cecile has been missing in her life. Betting on a game of pool turns out to be advantageous for them both--especially when the winner, or loser, gets sex in return.

What follows is some great, steamy love scenes that will have you reaching out for your partner. It gets even better when Ross turns out to be her new boss on Monday morning. The sexual tension between them doesn't stop when Cecile trades in the mini-skirt for her sensible slacks, or when Ross the tattooed biker, turns into Mr. Kincaid, the suit-wearing, shorthaired, managerial type.

CELLULOID FANTASY is a quick read, one you'll be able to gobble up in one sitting. Too bad Ms. Jenson can't provide Ross for the same purpose. I look forward to see what, or who, she comes up with next.

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