Center Ring: Traveling Circus - Book 2
By Billie Jo
Jan 1, 2009 - 4:08:54 PM

Julia Cameron is the new owner of the racing empire her parents have built before their untimely death.  With Julia as the sole suspect of her parents’ murder, she must race against time to find the real culprit before her world comes crashing down on her.  When Roane shows up on the scene as her new personal bodyguard, she is shocked by the intense feelings he brings out in her.  Julia knows he has an ulterior motive for protecting her and is determined not to let him get close to her or her family.  Will Julia finally find the love she has secretly always coveted?  Or will her past and Roane’s deceit cause her already tattered heart to shatter completely?


Roane Jameson is the new Security Chief for the FASPRO racing circuit.  He was hired for the sole reason of finding the proof that Julia actually murdered her parents.  Only he was not counting on the sizzling passion that burns beneath his skin every time she is near him.  But Roane has sworn he will never get involved with another woman after all the pain he has suffered from his ex-wife.  Will Roane open his shattered heart and let Julia’s love soothe his soul?  Or will the act of murder succeed in taking away the only woman he has truly loved?


CENTER RING is a passionate tale laced with murder, ardor and angst.  Sutton Fox pens a fairy-tale novel with charismatic characters weaved into a mystery plot thick with culprits and a fervent attraction that threatens to singe your fingers with every page turned.  I enjoyed the quirky behaviors and sauciness of the characters.  Ms. Fox had me guessing at every turn at who the culprit was.  Every time I thought I knew who it was, she side swiped me with another turn.  I was shocked when I discovered who the culprit was.


Julia’s character took my breath away.  She is feisty, smart and has endured more pain than anyone ever should.  But because of what she has endured, she is a strong woman who is not willing to let anyone tell her she can not do something.  Her heartbreak is palpable and you can not help but to feel for her.  She falls hard for Roane and is unsure of herself for the first time in her adult life. 


Roane is sexy and strong-willed.  I adored his ability to be strong but at the same time show his emotion and pain that he has endured from his past.  I rooted for him to open his heart and let Julia’s love bring sunshine back into his life.  Although Roane believes Julia is stubborn and strong, he loves her passion for her family and friends when she is out of the spotlight.  


I look forward to reading more of the TRAVELING CIRCUS series by Sutton Fox. 






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