Certified Male: Sealed With A Kiss
By Nadine St. Denis
May 1, 2005 - 11:46:00 PM

To Gwen Chastain's horror, she realizes that her Grandfather's precious stamps have been stolen right from under her nose, she is devastated. These stamps were not merely an old man's hobby. They are the pinnacle of his career - his retirement fund. She has to get them back, no matter what. Following a clue, which leads her to Las Vegas, she reluctantly agrees with her vivacious sister that to fit in and remain anonymous she needs a cover. Although Gwen, who has always been very proud of her "just blend in to the background" persona, finds that dressing like a "femme fatale" named Nina is not what the practical Gwen would have chosen, although she is finding "Nina" more appealing than she wants to admit.


Del Redmond, a deliciously masculine but dissatisfied sports writer for the Chronicle, is in Vegas to write a behind the scenes story on one of the biggest poker games in town. A game where the stakes are set at a million dollars. Meeting the enticing Nina, who is also playing in the game, is turning out to be quite the distraction. The reporter in him is getting the vibe that there is more to this lady than just an amazing body and great poker skills. She is hiding something, and he is determined to find out what it is.                  

Timing really is everything, Gwen mutters to herself. She is finally closing in on her stamp thief, but has to contend with the incredibly masculine, but nosy Del Redmond, who insists on lending a hand, which is not helping anything except her ego. Knowing that she is falling for this amazing man but knowing that she needs to stay focused, is reeking havoc with her emotions. The need to lean on his broad shoulders is too strong a temptation to ignore, but can she trust him to keep her problem a secret?             

CERTIFIED MALE is a first rate novel by Kristin Hardy, the first book in her SEALED WITH A KISS series, and also, her first mystery/suspense novel, which she has expertly written with her consummate style. From the first page, this accomplished author, beguiles us with her fabulous characters and fascinates the reader with a suspenseful plot that provides a bounty of excitement and enjoyment. I urge, all romance readers, not just Blaze fans to read CERTIFIED MALE, you definitely won't be disappointed!

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