Chaining Cheyenne
By Nickie Langdon
Aug 10, 2007 - 8:53:13 AM

Frankie’s death was a mistake. The bullet was meant for Cheyenne. Despite the fact that she wants to live life her own way, her father hires Reed Tanner, ex-mercenary, to find his daughter and take her to a safe place. Once Mr. Stanley settles the problem that threatens his daughter’s life, Reed is to take her home.

The sparks that fly between Reed and Cheyenne are so realistic that you can see the action. Reed threatens and then delivers a spanking that she’s sure to remember.


Despite his careful planning, the discipline measures and perimeter safety features, Cheyenne manages to get away. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get too far before she’s captured by the people who are trying to kill her.


The battles of will between Reed and Cheyenne will keep your interest. No matter what he threatens and delivers, she’s determined to do things her way. Reese Gabriel’s brattiest female to date appears in this story. She’ll grab at your heart strings and lead you on a merry chase. Reed is about as alpha as they come. Add that to his tall, dark and handsome appearance and you have every woman’s dream man.


The story is fast-paced with the right combination of love, suspense and battles of will. This book isn’t for everyone, but if you like your stories spiced up with a sprinkling of sex and a generous dose of discipline, you won’t want to miss this one.



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