By Natasha Smith
May 4, 2009 - 11:03:35 AM



Renee is a silent princess.  Constantly on her guard to be the perfect girl, she has gone to a party with a boy she can’t stand but who her mother wants her to date.  When she enters a room and he is attempting to rape another girl, Renee is unable to understand why no one will help the victim.  Angry and appalled, Renee does what she can to keep the girl from rape.  As a result, she becomes a pariah and her mother is disappointed – all because she did what was right.  Now she is back in her hometown and someone does not like it one bit.




Lacey was the girl everyone loved.  She was steady and beautiful and people just knew she would go places.  When she attends a party with her friend, Lacey’s world comes to a crashing halt with one violent act.  Now, fifteen years later, Lacey is single and still trying to come to grips with what happened so long ago.  Running into Seth Salinger doesn’t help either.  Lacey needs to stay away from him because he makes her feel things she shouldn’t.  When an ominous presence begins to stalk her, Lacey turns to Seth – he will keep her safe.


CHAINS OF MEMORY, Book 3: Sherra


Fifteen years ago Sherra was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks.  She liked to party and while at a bash given by the mayor’s son, she was accosted because of her reputation.  With rape on his mind, the boy who was going to rape her wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Rescue came in the forms of Renee, the guy’s girlfriend, and Lacey, a high school favorite, but when a gun becomes involved; things go from bad to worse.  Sherra suffers from nightmares and other horrible flashbacks, and her life revolves around writing horror novels.  When she receives the high school reunion invitation in the mail, Sherra knows she shouldn’t but she has to go back to where it all started and ended for her.  Her psychotic stalker will just have to wait.


With uncanny clarity Shiloh Walker has penned three novellas that involve each woman from above.  Renee, the rich princess; Lacey, the girl everyone loved; and Sherra, the girl called white trash.  Each girl had her life totally and unexpectedly rearranged with just one violent act.  Now, a stalker has decided that each girl needs to pay for what happened fifteen years ago. 


With suspenseful words and eerily ominous scenes, Ms. Walker reeled me in and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t read fast enough and I couldn’t turn the pages of each novella fast enough to find out what was going to happen.  Surprise filled me when the stalker was revealed and I smiled at Ms. Walker’s genius.  CHAINS is a book I won’t forget anytime soon, but just to make sure, I reread it…twice. 


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