Challenging Carter
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 11, 2007 - 9:44:00 AM

Carter’s come up with a brilliant plan to encourage the employees at Outdoor Sports Equipment to make use of the fitness center downstairs. He’s calling it The Wellness Challenge. The employee who participates and achieves the biggest improvement in their health over a ten-week time period wins an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.

Dani would prefer to opt out of the Wellness Challenge altogether but Carter isn’t giving her that option. Carter hands her a brochure and tells her to sign up for one of the classes. She’s been in love with Carter forever and if participating in his stupid challenge will make him happy then that’s what she’ll do. The only problem is that she has no interest in exercising so what class should she pick? Looking at the brochure she finds one that she thinks she can handle - STRPARBCS. She assumes that it stands for Step Aerobics, and she couldn’t be more wrong! It’s Strip Aerobics.

Carter was only interested in improving the health and well-being of his employees when he instigated the Wellness Challenge. What he hadn’t anticipated was the boost of confidence and more outgoing personality that Dani has seemed to develop since she started with the program. He has no clue what class she’s taking or why he’s suddenly seeing her as more than just a friend. Unfortunately, he believes that a sexual relationship with Dani will ruin their friendship.

Dani’s newfound self confidence and sexy persona will come in handy when it comes to convincing Carter that including sex in their relationship won’t destroy it. It’ll make it better. Will he be able to resist her for very long?

CHALLENGING CARTER is the final book in Kate Davies’ STRIP TRILOGY. I had to laugh at Dani’s reaction when she discovers that she’d enrolled in a Strip Aerobics class but I absolutely love how it helped to bring out her self confidence. Poor Carter has no idea what is going on. She’s gone from a virtual wallflower in unflattering clothes to a bombshell that he’s hopelessly attracted to, but he tries to deny his feelings because he fears losing her friendship. Ms. Davies brings these characters to life in a brilliant realistic setting that will have readers falling in love with Dani and Carter and anticipating each heated scene between them.

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