Chance Encounter
By Connie Spears
Oct 27, 2005 - 6:02:00 AM

How embarrassing to have an anxiety attack in the middle of the afternoon?  Beth Connors leaned her back against the building and started to slide down to the sidewalk.  Mid-day traffic started to form a semi-circle around to gawk.  Beth was wishing everyone would go away, let her die in peace, and how was she going to make her appointment. 

Beth heard a deep sexy voice and looked up to find a Roman God hovering over her.  She looked into his eyes and found heaven.  As the Roman God helped Beth up, he introduced himself, Jack as in Jack-of-all-Trades.  He flirted with her to try to get her to relax and breathe more comfortably.  As they were talking he asked her to have lunch with him.  They went to the park to feast upon a hot dog and cold drinks.  Jack decided he wanted to get to know Beth.  As Jack teased her, he grabbed her hand and ran to a swing that was free.


After the adventure in the park, Jack drove Beth’s car to her place of business, Ellie’s Place. He looked over at her as she slept and wondered just how many personalities did she have.  He turned to cast a glance at Ellie’s Place and found that it looked inviting and homey.  A lunatic came running out of the building, yelling that he needed to get to his class. The man, Brandon, glimpsed over at Beth and asked if everything was alright.  Brandon kept on walking as he spoke.  Jack was amused by this man.  They entered the kitchen, Jack walked up to her, backing her up against the counter, stared into her eyes, and leaned his face close to hers…


CHANCE ENCOUNTER by Lesley Belle is a book that needs to be part of everyone’s collection. Ms. Belle shows to be a very promising author and this book is a jewel.  Her books are genuine and sexy.  The reader will enjoy connection between Jack and Beth and the secret that Jack holds in his hands. I truly enjoyed Ms. Belle’s book and the recommendation is high.

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