Chance Of A Lifetime
By Jolie
Nov 5, 2006 - 9:52:00 AM

Stacie is drowning is the crushing responsibilities of her demanding life. Her father has Alzheimer’s disease, her mother is a bedridden invalid, and her siblings refuse to help in their care. The final straw is the judgmental attitude of her boyfriend. He is just one more blow to an already trying existence. In a fit of rebellion, she hops in her boyfriend’s Porsche, fires up the engine, and shoots off down the road. Remarkably, her wild ride of temporary freedom is about to change her life in a way that she never anticipated.

Having just finished playing baseball, Jake Chance, an off-duty police officer, is pulling out of the parking lot when a powerful car flies by him at top speed.  Jake slams his Trans Am into gear and takes off in hot pursuit.  While he admires the skill shown by the driver, he can’t forego his practiced instincts to bring the car to a safe and secure stop.  The driver turns out to be a lovely young woman who quickly tests his professional boundaries when it soon becomes clear that sheis trying to temporarily escape her frustrating life.  When she decides that he is a nice diversion, Jake's routine traffic stop rapidly turns into a night of surprising passion.
Ms. Hill writes a poignant story that touched me from the opening chapter.  It’s about the hearts ability to reach out for those amazing experiences in life, especially when you are drowning in everyday responsibilities.  It’s about taking that one chance that comes your way; that one CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, and seeing where fate may take you. 
Stacie is an appealing combination of bravado and vulnerability.  While she would never walk away from her duty to her parents, she recognizes that things must change if she is to save her sanity.  Because she can rely on no one but herself, is it any wonder that she sees Jake as a strong male to lean on, even if only for one night.  Jake, however, sees so much more than a one-night-stand in Stacie.  Can he show this beautiful, courageous woman that he is worth taking a chance on?  That what they found together is not something to be taken lightly? 
CHANCE OF A LIFETIME will tap into your emotions and yank on your heartstrings, even as it leaves you breathless and panting for air.  Ms. Hill has penned a winner!

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