Changing the Rules
By Gloria Trout
Nov 16, 2003 - 2:24:00 PM

It is Marcel’s thirtieth birthday and her boyfriend has dumped her. How much lower can she feel? There have been a series of dead end relationships and she is feeling her biological clock ticking. Wanting to discuss her problem with her good friend Tracy over lunch, she is in a hurry to get to the restaurant when a man driving a pick up truck at 20 miles an hour won’t speed up despite Marcel’s horn blowing and ranting. She decides to pass him on the shoulder side and they have a minor collision. When she sees the tall drop-dead gorgeous guy walking towards her, she is almost overwhelmed by his sex appeal. Then the thought hits her that he is probably just another one of the players, guys that like to love and leave. When he introduces himself as Ian and invites her out to lunch she is sure of it. And when he drives away and Marcel sees a young child in the truck with him she realizes that he is also probably married and has a child.

At the restaurant Tracy says she has a solution to Marcel’s man problem. She gives her a list of rules to follow in choosing a guy. If he didn’t fit every one of the rules, he was not to be considered. Unknown to them, Ian was sitting nearby and laughing at their rules. He was intrigued by Marcel and was determined to get to know her better. She is the first woman to make him smile since the death of his younger brother, who died leaving a young daughter, Dani. Dani is staying with Ian, as her mother is not able to care for her properly. Ian has been trying to give her the feeling of having a home.
What follows is a laugh aloud, joyful and fun time, with lots of exciting sex and bedroom scenes. That there is chemistry between Marcel and Ian is not in doubt. But can they ever understand each other and their motives? Will Marcel ignore the rules that she so strongly believes in?
Marcel vows to make Ian pay with his heart when she finds out he has deceived her. One last deception is the jaw-dropping finale to this delightful novel.
This novel is touching, funny and thought provoking. The characters are so real that you feel their every emotion. The author has a fine way of story telling and I am looking forward to her next book coming out in December.

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