Author: Barri Bryan

Publisher: Linden Bay Romance

Release Date: February 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Lynn Evans owns a bakery, and is trying to make ends meet. Since her husband left her for a younger woman she spends most of her time in her bakery. She worries when the building inspector comes around, and starts threatening to shut her down if she doesn’t get her building up to code. Lynn is amused when Trace Randolph barges into her bakery, and accuses her mother of being a sex fiend. She doesn’t believe it, not her 54 year old mother.
Lynn visits her mother, and sees how her mother acts around Trace’s father Ralph, she is hurt at first, then angry. How could her mother become intimate with a stranger when she is always judging Lynn’s lifestyle choices?

Trace goes straight for the daughter of his father’s girlfriend. He wants Lynn’s mother, Lillie, to stop seducing his father. With his father’s bad heart he is afraid something will happen. Trace comes up with a plan to break up his father and Lillie, but it’s hard getting Lynn to go along with the plan. He shares the fact that her bakery is ready to be condemned, and he’s a carpenter, and is willing to help her fix it, but only if she goes along with the plan. When his plan goes awry, and the tables are turned how is he supposed to cope with the fact that he’s fallen in love with Lynn, and now must show her that he really does want to be with her? Will she believe him?


Trace is a man that is willing to do anything to save the last remaining member of his family, even if it means shutting out someone who could be special to him. He’s not willing to open his heart again. Lynn isn’t ready to open herself either to the pain of having someone leave her for someone else, but when these two characters get together the sparks fly, and tempers flare. Is it a perfect mixture or a mistake?


Barri Bryan has another hit on their hands with CHARADE. I have been drawn to their books since I first read one of them. So far, out of all their books I have read, I believe this is my favorite. It’s another keeper for my favorites shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Shayla

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