Charmed By His Love
By Dottie
May 11, 2012 - 9:58:38 PM

Peg, the widowed mother of four, owns the local gravel pit. But unfortunately, the recent earthquake flooded it so now she lives on lakefront property. She is strong, feisty, loving and very protective of her children. Although she desperately needs money, she refuses to accept anything that even resembles charity. She was happy when she found a job at her best friend Olivia’s family camp. Not only was the pay good but her children could attend camp while she worked. However, now that the camp is closed and she has no babysitter, she has to quit her job, even though Olivia has told her she still needs her. The women in Peg’s family live under a curse; any man they marry does not make it past thirty. In Peg’s case, her husband died in a freak construction accident on his thirtieth birthday. Not willing to take the risk again, she has decided that there will be no man in her life ever again. Not that she is worried about fighting off the men. After all, how many men would be interested in a woman with four children?

Duncan is a first generation MacKeage male, as his father was one of the five men who had travelled through time from the eleventh century to the twentieth, each starting a new life based on their talents and magic. Although the other members of his family have discovered what type of magic they each have, he has not discovered his, nor is he interested in finding it. Duncan is benefiting from the geographical changes made by the sudden earthquake (caused by Mac Oceanus in the previous book of this series, SPELLBOUND FALLS). His company, MacKeage Construction, has been hired to build the roads and bridges leading up the mountain to the fancy resort that Mac is building for his bride and to prep the resort site. Duncan has searched for a gravel company in the vicinity to supply him with the gravel he needs. The closest one, fortunately, is right there in town, Peg’s company. When he goes to check it out, however, he finds it filled with seawater. However, he discovers that the vein of gravel extends to the other side of Peg’s property. But before he gets a chance to meet with her, a set of mistaken circumstances leaves matters awkward between them and has her avoiding him. Finally, he works out a deal with her. But, other than for business purposes, Duncan has no intention of getting involved with this woman, despite his attraction to her. However, just as newlyweds Mac and Olivia are about to leave on a trip, Mac asks Duncan to watch over Peg and the children while he and his new bride are gone. Duncan is unable to refuse his request.


As Duncan spends time with Peg and her children, she watches him interact with her children and realizes what a good man he is. He has gone out of his way to help her and had even given her a good price for her gravel. She has also noticed how handsome and sexy he is. But she doesn’t want to see him in that light. After all, getting involved with him, falling in love with him could cost him his life.  


Not everyone in town is happy about the new resort that is being built on the mountain. When danger strikes too close to home, Duncan is desperate to protect the woman and children he has come to love, even if he has to resort to accepting his magic. But can he convince Peg to take a chance on him? Together, can they break the curse that has haunted Peg and her female ancestors, or are they doomed to tragedy?


CHARMED BY HIS LOVE, the second book in New York Times bestselling author Janet Chapman’s SPELLBOUND FALLS series, is a captivating, heartwarming paranormal romance that will capture your attention from the very beginning. Fans of Ms. Chapman’s works will recognize Duncan and some of the other characters from her previous works and get a chance to revisit them, including Mac and Olivia, the hero and heroine from the first book in this series, SPELLBOUND FALLS. Still it is not necessary to read SPELLBOUND FALLS to enjoy this book, but to extend your enjoyment, I advise reading it. Watching as Duncan and Peg, together, fall in love, face danger and come to terms with his magic is riveting. The settings in CHARMED BY HIS LOVE aredescribed so realistically that it will almost feel as if you are there. Known for spinning tales of magic, humor, highlanders and romance, Ms. Chapman pens one winner after another, and this one is no exception. The combination of wit, clever dialogue, charismatic characters, magic and love makes this story absolutely enchanting. A must read! Her name is a constant on my list of auto-buy authors and I highly recommend her newest novel, CHARMED BY HIS LOVE, and look forward to the next addition to this entrancing series, COURTING CAROLINE, due out at the end of August.



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