Charmed Thirds
By Sarah W
May 1, 2006 - 8:02:00 AM

Jessica Darling is back and more confused than ever! Now a college student at prestigious Columbia, Jessica is facing some major choices. She's a psychology major and she's funding her college experience all by herself. She's making new friends but still trying to keep up with reader favorites Hope, Bridget, and Pepe, along with the rest of the high school clique she just can't seem to leave behind. New job experiences including an internship from hell prove to be some hard life lessons for Jessica.

Then there's Marcus' man of mystery and haiku poetry. However, not all is as it seems in their relationship, as Jessica finds out when she hooks up with a guy that is definitely not Marcus.

New friends, new experiences, and plenty of the gossip and provocative thoughts that made SLOPPY FIRSTS and SECOND HELPINGS such addicting novels, Megan McCafferty scores again. This is college Jessica, but as she comes to find out, she can't quite stop the past from creeping up on her. Jessica's voice is as fresh and vibrant as readers have come to expect, but there's a new wistfulness and determination in her character that makes CHARMED THIRDS an affecting read. This is not the same Jessica Darling readers know and love, but yet, there are definitely some facets of her high school personality mixed in with her evolving and changing college persona to remind readers of just why they fell in love with this series. Ms. McCafferty keeps readers in suspense about Jessica and Marcus too, allowing for some intriguing developments along the way. CHARMED THIRDS explores opportunities, hope, wisdom, and stupidity. Jessica Darling is more relatable than ever. You won't want to miss out on Jessica's myriad and sometimes embarrassing college situations.

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