Charmed & Deadly
By Michele
Jun 1, 2007 - 12:35:00 PM

Crack! Zing! A sniper shoots at the Prime Minister, whom Bronwyn is guarding, as they head toward the airplane out on the tarmac. The Prime Minister's assistant, Miles, is shot instead. Bronwyn, a witch with extraordinary powers, examines the direction from where the shot was fired. She discovers by placing her hand where the bullet hit the car that the trail leads in the direction of the roof to a building nearby. Someone concealed by powerful black magic was the sniper. Another shot rings out! Everyone ducks for cover. The Prime Minister hears on his walkie-talkie that the sniper has just committed suicide.

The next day Bronwyn examines the clothing of the sniper by holding her hands over them. She notices small black wisps of magic coming off the clothes. There is an odor also coming from the magic on the clothes that puts her senses on alert. It is her disgusting ex-boyfriend Jason's magic. Bronwyn immediately wonders what Jason is up to this time.

Jason is a sneaky brute who tried to steal her powers. He was sent to Spook prison for trying to kill her. Then he was released to Smith-Hawke Institute for Reformation. Cole, chief inspector with the International Magic Police, helps Bronwyn with her investigation. He uncovers the information that Jason was supposedly completely reformed but was never to leave the institute. Jason was discharged from the institute. Bronwyn is terribly upset with Cole. How could they make a huge mistake like that? Cole is unable to explain why he was let out but he will find answers as fast as he can. Cole advises her to head on home, to Sweet, Texas, as soon as possible. Bronwyn sighs, she misses her boyfriend Sam so much. It would be great to see him again. She misses his smile, his big strong arms, actually all of him. His voice melts her like butter. Ah, it would be great to feel Sam again. Bronwyn also misses her friend's back home and all the down-home food. What she would give for an apple pie right now! Sam and Bronwyn had a fun experiment with apple pie.

As Bronwyn investigates further into the danger surrounding her Ex's magic, she is led on a chase all over the world where hidden spells, hexes, dark magic, and danger lurk where she least expects it. What new enemies will Bronwyn make this time? Will her powers be strong enough to take on the dark forces of evil?

CHARMED & DEADLY is an eye-popping adventure filled with evil demons, boyfriends good and bad, drop dead sexy guys, and best friends. Candace Havens scores again with delivering an award winning performance, where good versus evil in the pursuit of power. Bronwyn has her hands full keeping the men in her life free from danger. I was reading along at breakneck speed anxious to see whom Bronwyn was going to save next. The story is full of action, demon-slaying, sparkling magic, and romance. Bronwyn and Sam make a wild, romantic couple with one little problem and that is trust. They are working on it though. Bronwyn's friends, in Sweet, Texas, are a hilarious and fun bunch of people with plenty of mouthwatering, southern food. I absolutely drooled over the chicken-fried steaks, mashed potatoes, and apple pies at Lulu's restaurant. The dialogue is smart and intense. Her characters have distinct edges that lend themselves to both humor and villainy. Fans of Candace Haven's Charmed books will absolutely treasure this new adventure.

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