Charmed and Dangerous
By Brooke Wills
Jul 2, 2004 - 10:33:00 PM

Maddie Cooper has always taken care of her twin sister. It hasn't been an easy job since Cassie loves to get into trouble. And this time she may not be able to help her since she can'
t find her! Cassie has disappeared. It seems that her thrill-seeking twin may have taken on a bit more than she can handle when Maddie finds out that the FBI is looking for her, too.

Agent David Marshall wishes he'd never enlisted Cassie in a sting operation to catch a notorious art thief. Whatever possessed him to involve a civilian especially now that she has gone missing. And to make matters worse, now he has to contend with her furious twin who is sticking to him like glue. Funny thing: Cassie didn' t attract his attention on a physical level. But her sister sure has him distracted.
Maddie is a former Olympian athlete. She is used to being disciplined. She is definitely not looking for a man. So how come she can't stop thinking about the irritating, arrogant and altogether too good looking agent who seems bent on arresting her sister instead of saving her? After all, it is his fault that Cassie is in danger. And now, Maddie's heart is in danger as well.
CHARMED AND DANGEROUS takes Maddie and David across the country and then to Europe in search of Cassie and the missing paintings. It is filled with mystery, humor, tension, and romance. Lori Wilde has written a book that lives up to its name. It is charming and one you will not be able to put down.

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