By Ansley
Dec 1, 2004 - 2:33:00 PM

When security specialist Colin Murphy, is informed by the FBI that the "Princess" is in danger, he isn't quite sure what to think. But he knows that he has to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. That isn't nearly as easy as he thinks it will be. How do you keep a woman who plays Princess Charming for children's birthday parties safe?


Lulu can't believe that anyone would want to harm her. She doesn't see anything negative in anyone. She has built her world in the land of fairy tales and happy endings. Everyday, she entertains children as a fairy tale princess. She thinks that the sexy gifts that are sent to her house are for her "social" sister. However, Murphy knows different. A mobster has got it in for Princess Lulu and he won’t give up until he has her. It is up to Murphy to keep her safe from harm. And Lulu isn't exactly helping him.

CHARMED is charming! Lulu is an adorable character, whimsical, nutty, flaky, and innately good. She is the last of a dying breed, a person who can't find anything wrong with anyone. She is unbelievably attracted to Murphy, even though she tries not to be. Murphy is sexy, masculine, and even better, a bodyguard. Bodyguards are the best kinds of heroes. A worldly bodyguard and a naive princess, is there a better match? No, this is a match made in fairy tale heaven, it's absolutely charming!

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