Charming Grace
By Sandra Tibbetts
Jan 11, 2004 - 3:57:00 AM

What does a kick-ass, ex-southern beauty queen; a Cajun ex-con turned bodyguard, an action hero movie star, the star's muscular, protective sister, a grandmother that no one in their right mind messes with, two computer nerd teenagers and a dead GBI agent have in common? More than you could possibly imagine and only a superior author, the likes of Deborah Smith, could take this motley crew and write such a brilliant story that will have you laughing until tears are pouring down your cheeks one minute, and the next, crying your eyes out over the abysmal lives that her male characters endured. This book should come with a warning label- DO NOT READ WITHOUT PLENTY OF KLEENEX!



Ex-beauty queen and ex-talk show star, Grace Bradshaw Vance, of the Dahlonega, Georgia, Bradshaws, is about to kick some serious butt. She is hopping mad and according to some of the locals she has gone just a bit 'funny' with grief, and she is NOT going to allow cartoon, action-hero movie star, Stone 'Stoneman' Senterra to profit from her husband's, Harper Vance, GBI agent, heroic death by making an action movie of his life. Not that the script has much realism or truth involved!


Harp had been a loner, a damaged soul, an idealist, cynic, lover and her best friend since they were children. He had highly valued his privacy and there was no way Grace was about to allow it to be violated even two years after his death. She had always protected him when they were children and now was no different. She had tried numerous ways to block the making of the film, but the time had come that called for much more serious monkey wrenches thrown in Stoneman's way to sabotage this mockery of Harp's life. Grace runs into one large stumbling block, by way of the big, lean, dangerous looking, handsome and oh, so appealing, Cajun ex-con, Boone Noleene, Stoneman's bodyguard.


Boone had a rough childhood and ended up in Louisiana's Angola Federal prison with his older brother, Armand. Three years ago Stoneman had picked him out to be his rehabilitate a parole-con project. It looked good for his public image. Boone is grateful to Stoneman and respects him for giving him a future and a family worth honoring, serving and protecting. Boone does not agree with his attitude of, that because he admired the GBI agent and he was famous and rich he had the right to do what he wanted, which was make a movie about the agent's life, even if his widow was threatening to kill him! Boone may not agree with him and he may want Grace with a hunger he's never before known, but he will not allow her to sabotage this movie. Or will he?


CHARMING GRACE is an absolutely wonderful reading experience. It is packed full of both colorful characters and southern euphemisms, which I guarantee will have you howling with laughter in the early hours of the morning, as you won't put this book down until you have read the entire story all at once. This is a superb story that will draw you into the intense emotions of the multi-faceted characters, and will have your heart aching for those poor lost souls. I can recommend this book without hesitation to anyone who enjoys an excellent story. I look forward with eager anticipation to my next venture into Deborah Smith's world of cleverly imaginative stories, which this talented author so skillfully creates.


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