Chase Brothers: Giving Chase
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 10, 2006 - 8:10:00 PM

Maggie has spent her entire life in the shadows of her mother and sister’s beauty. Nothing she’s ever done has been good enough so she’s quit even trying to please her family. Unfortunately, the years of mental abuse have Maggie doubting her own appeal and unable to stand up for herself - until she confronts Shane Chase over his lack of manners.

Kyle Chase has never paid much attention to Maggie. He’d been a few years ahead of her in school and generally goes for the more flamboyant women. He sure notices Maggie when she rakes Shane over the coals, and he can’t believe his eyes once he sees her after her friend Liv gives her a make-over. It’s just too bad that his brother Shane’s also interested in her.

Shane may be the local sheriff, absolutely gorgeous and a member of one of the most prestigious families in Petal, but there’s no way Maggie is going to allow him to get away with chiding her when he’s the one who backed into her and caused her to spill food on her clothing. What she doesn’t realize is that her chastisement of Shane sparks the interest of all of the Chase brothers. The following day Liv gives Maggie a make-over that has the Chase boys sitting up and taking notice. Maggie accepts Shane’s apology and even goes out with him a few times but he’s still hurting from his ex-fiancé's betrayal and not ready to exclusively date only one woman. Kyle allowed Shane his chance with Maggie. When he blows it and Maggie is once again available, Kyle makes his own interest in her known. While Kyle and Maggie’s relationship grows, so does the danger from a third man who believes that Maggie belongs to him.

I absolutely love Lauren Dane’s GIVING CHASE! While Kyle and Maggie’s relationship is a joy to read about, it’s really Maggie’s developing self-esteem and the way she finally stands up for herself that had me eagerly devouring the pages. The way she tells off her mother and sister is simply delightful and I wanted to applaud her. The entire Chase family is a marked contrast to Maggie’s dysfunctional family but their acceptance quickly wins her over. All the Chase boys are drool worthy and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this promising series. Ms. Dane’s GIVING CHASE is sure to be a hit with readers everywhere. It’s definitely a book you’ll want to add to your keeper shelf.

GIVING CHASE is the first book in a four book series entitled CHASE BROTHERS. The stories are each about one of the four small town brothers and the women who will be lucky enough to capture his heart.

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