Chasing Clover
By Dottie
May 2, 2007 - 10:06:00 AM

Nash O’Leary, an executive in his father’s company, is busy chasing female employees and letting sales slide.   His father, Charles, threatens to sell the family business, Lucky’s Ice Cream, unless Nash fulfills certain stipulations – get more involved with the company, increase sales, and produce a grandchild by the end of summer.  However, Nash has not met anyone with whom he would want to conceive a child.  To secretly move his agenda along, Charles hires a new Account Executive, Clover Callaghan, and gives Nash instructions not to get involved with her.  Why does that name sound so familiar to Nash?




Clover Callaghan, the daughter of Charles’ friend, has a reputation for saving floundering companies. While quite successful at what she does, Clover would rather be at the beach surfing.  She is sure Nash does not remember her as the girl he kissed when she was sixteen.  He is as attractive as she remembers, and though she fights it, Clover still feels that familiar attraction. Now his father has sent her to help save his company.


To implement the changes needed to save the business, Clover needs the authority to make these changes.  Nash tells her she can have all the power she wants if she marries him or, at the very least, has his baby.  Seeing him with other women in the company, Clover perceives him as a womanizer.  Given the ultimatum, she quits.  However, there are other forces at work trying to get them together. Will Nash be able to save the company?  Can he prove to Clover that he is not the playboy she believes him to be?


I really enjoyed CHASING CLOVER.  In the beginning I did not believe Nash and Clover were compatible for various reasons. Nash is a charmer, saying anything to get what he wants – the quintessential irresponsible playboy.  Aside from the fact that Clover does not like playboys, she speaks her mind without caring what others think – she’s very down to earth.  However, I changed my mind about the compatibility of these two characters as the story unfolded.  Nash’s love for Clover brought about remarkable changes in both his persona and his attitude. In addition, the attraction between the two is explosive.  The language is graphic and the romance is steamy.  Ms. Schultz has penned quite an enjoyable read. 

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