Chasing Lily
By Alane
Aug 25, 2003 - 11:53:00 AM

When Lily Redmond arrives at her grandmother Lillian’s house to pick her up for a trip to Disney World, she is dumbfounded to find a, sexy, nearly-naked (and definitely not old) man handcuffed to her grandmother’s bed.  And Lillian is nowhere to be found!  Lillian has a reputation for doing wild and unexpected things but Lily, who has never done an unpredictable thing in her life, thinks her grandmother has gone a little far this time. The man turns out to be Sam Spade Hunter, a private investigator.  He’s also the son of Archie Hunter, an old acquaintance of Lillian’s who knew her back when she was Lillian Leigh, a movie actress in Hollywood.  Lillian is planning to write a tell-all book about her experiences in Hollywood, which may draw new attention to a 45-year-old unsolved murder.  Now Lillian has run off, probably to California and Lily doesn’t want to have to tell her parents that she and Lillian aren’t on a nice, safe vacation in Disney World where they belong.  Deciding to go after Lillian, Lily unlocks Sam from he grandmother’s bed and sets off on the adventure of her lifetime.

Sam Spade Hunter, who has always been plagued by women who fall in love with him at the drop of a hat can’t believe he let a little old lady like Lillian get the better of him.  If his father and brother find out he will never hear the end of it!  He knows his father is worried that Lillian may be in danger now that she has announced her intention to write her book.  He also decides to follow Lillian but he has no intention of letting Lily get involved.  But Lily has other ideas and eventually Sam and Lily team up to find Lillian.


Lily is engaged to a handsome and successful but dull and boring banker who works for her father.  She’s known him most of her life and has always expected to marry him.  After all, it’s what their families want, right?  But Dexter Beauregard Jackson, III has never made Lily feel even a fraction of the excitement Sam makes her feel.  She wants to understand why and what it means.  But Sam wants nothing to do with Lily or any other woman he hasn’t known for at least 6 years.  There are way too many reasons why Sam shouldn’t even begin to consider getting involved with Lily.  They’re chasing Lillian and Archie across the country.  Plus being chased by people who want to use Lily to get to Lillian and don’t care who gets hurt.  Worst of all, Lily is an engaged woman!


CHASING LILY was a whole lot of fun to read.  Lily’s main priority is to find her grandmother but she gets to know herself better along the way.  Sam is honorable and loyal even when it goes against his better judgment and when Lily tests the limits of his willpower.  The villains were amusingly inept most of the time but with chilling undertones.  Some of the characters - including Dexter and some mobsters - were almost caricatures, which seemed very deliberate on the author’s part and added to the fun.  There was plenty of heat in this story too!  Dixie Kane has combined humor, intrigue and steam into one romantic and highly entertaining book.

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