Chasing McCree
By Janalee
Mar 22, 2013 - 8:36:43 AM

Chase McCree is cut from a very different type of cloth than Briar Thomson. He was raised on a ranch in Montana in true cowboy fashion with cattle, horses, shotguns and responsibilities. His father was killed in a helicopter crash leaving Chase to be raised mainly by his aunt and uncle. His mother divorced his father and moved off the ranch when Chase was a child.

Because his mother has gotten remarried and lives in Florida, when she asks him to come stay with her for the remainder of his year in high school, he feels obligated to give it a shot and spend some time in her world. Luckily for him, he gets to take Ash with him (his horse that used to be his father’s).

Briar, on the other hand, is fed from a silver spoon. Her parents are self-absorbed, social climbing nitwits that forget they even have a daughter half the time. They think giving her credit cards and whatever money can buy will replace the love and attention that Briar so desperately wants. The saving grace in her life is her grandparents. Grandma likes her liquor, cookies and socks with bells on them. Grandpa, when he has his lucid moments, is a crackup.

Chase takes a night ride on Ash in a nearby park only to find a mascara tear streaked, glitter-wearing, scrapped up cheerleader who is drunk off her backside after she discovers her boyfriend cheated on her.

Too much of a gentleman to leave her there, Chase sneaks her into his bedroom to clean her up and gives her a place to sleep off her drunken state. He never figured someone as popular as Briar would find him, someone who couldn’t care less about the trappings of money, to be suitable as someone to start hanging out with. Yet, amazingly, Briar seeks out Chase at school. In him the shallow life she has led becomes filled with something she did not even know she was missing; life, love and the discovery of a whole new world opens up to her.

CHASING McCREE is by author J.C. Isabella and she has a voice that cannot be denied. I not only gave it a five ribbon review, I highly recommend this book to everyone! There are two other books with Chase and Briar in them called The McCree Star Spangled 4th and A Christmas McCree that you should read also.

I have reviewed some of the best authors in every genre and Ms. Isabella can stand proud because CHASING McCREE is one novel I will never forget for the rest of my life. CHASING McCREE is that special of a book! I thank Ms. Isabella for giving me something that reminds me that life is too precious to waste for one moment when you have someone you love to share it with.

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