Chasing Perfect
By Sarah W
May 1, 2010 - 5:39:43 PM

Charity Jones has just moved to Fool’s Gold, California. She is excited to start her job as the new city planner, bringing in businesses to town. She is also excited to put down roots. A childhood of moving around every few months has left her starving for a place to call home. She knows Fool’s Gold is it. And to complete the picture, she hopes to find a man to fall in love. It will not be Josh Golden, a retired bicyclist and still well known celebrity however.

Josh Golden is carrying around a load of guilt and because of this he cannot face his past career. Josh is known as a bit of a playboy around town but there is not any truth to those rumors. The more Charity starts to look past the rumors and the façade Josh has built around himself, the more she finds that she likes him. He is intelligent, witty, and sensitive. She hurts for his past and the guilt he carries with him but also wants to see him happy and passionate about racing again. Their relationship is a slow slide into love and mutual respect. But will Josh’s fears hold him back when the going gets tough again?

CHASING PERFECT is the first book in Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series and it is a strong and vibrant start. Charity is looking for a home, for a family, and she is willing to put up with the local gossip to get it. Charity revels in the girls’ nights, spending time at the local haunts, and finding a house to call home. Getting to know Josh proves to be an added enticement she cannot resist. Their chemistry was palpable from the first pages and continued to intensify as truths were revealed. Josh starts to feel comfortable with Charity, to feel confident in their growing feelings.

I also liked hearing about the history and development of Fool’s Gold. Ms. Mallery weaves the story so artfully that Fool’s Gold comes alive as Charity gets to know her job. She is doing her best to see this community she already loves grow and succeed.

CHASING PERFECT has a smashing blend of romance and conflict. Josh and Charity build a sweet and passionate romance amidst the backdrop of a growing town. Even as I finished the book, I knew I would be heading back to Fool’s Gold as soon as the next book is out. Susan Mallery is definitely a leading voice in contemporary romance and it shows in her new series.

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