Chasing Stanley

Author: Deirdre Martin

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: February 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Delilah Gould knows a dog in need and when she spots a beautiful Newfoundland in serious need of some obedience lessons, she cannot help stepping in. As owner of The Bed and Biscuit, Delilah knows her way around canines. Too bad she cannot say the same of men. Attached to Stanley is his delicious and shiver-inducing owner, New York Blades hockey player, Jason Mitchell. To Jason, meeting Delilah is like serendipity! On the road a lot for the Blades, Jason needs someone to train and look after Stanley. Judging by the instant rapport between Stanley and Delilah, she is the perfect choice. And if Jason is attracted to her, well that is just an added bonus.

Delilah cannot resist helping Stanley, so she agrees to help on a conditional basis. If Stanley can get up to snuff, she will board him. Jason is ecstatic and hopes that this will help Delilah be less shy around him. As for Delilah, she is very attracted to Jason, but they seem so different. He is a professional hockey player, a man about town as it were. She is much more content spending the evening at home with her three dogs and a movie. As the hockey season heats up, Jason tries to stay focused on the Stanley Cup and on Delilah, while Delilah is just trying to earn a living, deal with her parents, and keep her relationship with Jason afloat. Can this mismatched pair find common ground with the help of a sweet-natured Newfoundland?


Refreshing! That is the first word that came to mind after finishing CHASING STANLEY. Here are two people who are dealing with normal relationship issues: spending time together, parents, different temperaments, and careers all while trying to keep their hearts from being broken. Deirdre Martin has penned a fantastic and realistic relationship story because Jason and Delilah truly experience the everyday, ordinary and heartrending moments that women and men all over the world experience. Jason is outgoing and extroverted while Delilah has a more introverted personality that causes plenty of trouble for these two, however, they are not giving up. Determination and hard work are built into their personalities making them characters you will come to care about very quickly. Ms. Martin imbues their relationship with fun, romance, quarrels, and lots of dog drool, making for a truly satisfying story. No review of CHASING STANLEY could be complete without a mention of the charming Stanley. You will fall in love with him just as quickly as Delilah did.


Hockey, a fun-loving and energetic dog, New York, and a pair of protagonists who steal the show…Martin has another winner! CHASING STANLEY is everything enjoyable about contemporary romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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