Chasing Sunsets
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 5:19:40 PM

Brody Nash has the perfect idea for the one year anniversary of his relationship with his girlfriend Sidney – a ménage with his best friend Drew.  Brody loves Sidney and sharing her with anyone would never have even come up if he hadn’t noticed that some of her preferred reads involve ménage relationships. 

Drew Buchanan isn’t the settling down kind of guy and he never stays with any one woman for very long.  He leads more of a nomadic lifestyle and often sails off on his yacht aptly named ‘Sunset.’  He’s a brilliant desert chef and creates his delectable treats for Brody’s restaurant, The Blue Fish Grill, whenever he’s in Graceville but he’s finding it harder and harder to stay in town especially since he’s in love with Sidney.


Sidney McCall has always lived a nomadic lifestyle.  Her mother never stayed in one place very long and she simply continued the lifestyle she already knew – until she met Brody.  They quickly moved from the initial meeting to living together and even a year after the fact, Sidney still feels like it’s all a dream. 


In celebration of their first anniversary together Sidney plans to surprise Brady with a delicious meal along with a sexy outfit when he returns home from the restaurant – and succeeds.  Brady had intended to tell Sidney that he’d invited Drew over and about his surprise but one look at her in her sexy dress and all his brain cells headed south.  Dinner’s put on hold while they satisfy other hungers – until they hear the knock at the door and then Brady remembers that he still has to tell her about his ‘gift.’  Sidney can’t deny an attraction to Drew and even though she isn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of sex with two men at the same time it is a fantasy of hers and if it’s alright with the men then who is she to argue.  Things turn decidedly odd afterwards and Sidney’s not sure what to think about Drew’s cold disinterested attitude and to make things even more complicated Brady notices her preoccupation and assumes that it’s more than just friendly concern.


Sami Lee delves into what could happen when the thing you fantasize about turns out to be the exact opposite of what you truly desire.  Sidney and Brady are deeply in love with each other but neither of them are truly certain of the others feelings.  I found the dynamics between these three characters to be oddly fascinating but at the same time understand why Drew’s held himself apart from Brady and Sidney.  I’d love to know what happened with Drew after this story ends.  He’s a special guy who deserves a little happiness in his life and a special woman.

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