Cherry On Top

Author: Kathleen Long

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: November 5, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Cherry Harte and her sister Liz have always just had each other to get through life's tough deals, but on the day that Cherry was stood up at the alter, they received a new best friend; a multi-million dollar lottery win.  The sisters move to
Mystic Beach, Florida and Cherry sets out to make her mark on society and the best way to do that is to join the Women's League.   Cherry tries her best to fit in with the other ladies, even going as far as to change her hair color, her skirt length and even goes to the extreme of hiring an up and coming wacky artist to paint an unwanted mural for her house. 

The Women's League is in the process of trying to get funding to buy a building for a horticulture center, but they are competing for the funding with a youth center, that also wants the building. All Cherry has to do is pledge the money the League needs for the building and all her plans will be met, but Cherry hadn't counted on falling for Luke Chance, her mechanic and a guy who is connected to the youth center.  Luke Chance is an ex-newspaper man turned mechanic and he has a thing about woman with money, especially new money; he avoids them like the plague.  When Cherry sashays her way into his garage and demands that he fix her car, he was all set to tell her to take a hike, but then he saw that she had light in her eye and now he is fighting to remember why he doesn't like woman with money.


Cherry is not only in a quandary over Luke, but her absentee father has just showed up.  He is in a slight bit of trouble with a gambling boss and wants Cherry to help him out and to make matters worse the gambling boss has sent a pint-size enforcer to make her met his demands.  Add into this already crazy mix Cherry's ex-fiance, yes the guy who left her at the alter, and you can see why Cherry is quickly losing control of her sanity. 


She is also running out of time to make her pledge and she has to decide if she should she go with her plan of making a mark on society and pledge the money to the Women's League and risk losing Luke or give the money to the youth center and lose her only chance of finally fitting in with the in crowd.


CHERRY ON TOP by Kathleen Long is a fast-paced, wacky adventure that is laugh-out-loud funny.  Cherry and Luke make an excellent couple and they draw the reader into their crazy, off-beat world the second you turn the first page.  This is a perfect book to pick up when you are looking for an escape from the boredom of everyday life and need a little laughter in your life to remind you that life is meant to be enjoyed.

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