Child Of Her Heart
By Dorine Linnen
Dec 1, 2004 - 12:44:00 AM

Meredith Malone finds herself to be a new single mother, in a situation she never dreamed of when she first planned her in vitro pregnancy.  Facing motherhood on her own is a huge decision and one she didn't make lightly.  But when she delivers her mixed race baby, because of the clinic's sperm donor mix-up, she faces a whole new set of problems.

Not only is her mother insisting Meredith sue the clinic for its mistake, she also wants Meredith to give up her child for adoption, to save her mother the embarrassment.  Meredith gladly accepts the clinic's offer of a vacation suite away from it all at Cannon Beach.  She plans to relax and think about her future without the barrage of complaints from her mother.

Then she meets Justin Weber, a gorgeous attorney vacationing at the same inn with his sons and their nanny.  It's not long before they're all enjoying each other's company.

Meredith's past includes a heartbreak that influenced her decision to become a single mother.  Justin has his own emotional past to overcome.  Will they be able to trust each other enough to make a relationship work once they leave this idyllic vacation spot?  Can society and family members give them the understanding they'll need?  Or will this just be one of those vacation flings they'll have as a fond memory?

CHILD OF HER HEART is a beautiful story about love, prejudice, and acceptance.  The emotional subject matter of this book is deeply moving.  I highly recommend CHILD OF HER HEART, especially, to those who wish to understand interracial families, and what they must face together.  Cheryl St. John handles this poignant subject matter with such perception that I couldn't help but come away from this book without a better understanding of racial prejudice.

Any woman who understands a mother's love for her child will be deeply stirred by CHILD OF HER HEART.  Add in Justin Weber, who contributes a whole new set of emotions, and this book is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes.  It's hard for me to explain all the issues this couple faces without giving away too much of the plot.  All I can tell you is that Cheryl St. John is a master at writing about difficult subject matters, adding in a few twists to up the conflict to a challenging roar, and then expressively bringing it all together into a satisfying end.  If you enjoy a book that will tug your heart all over the map, make you love the characters, and cheer for their happy ending, then A CHILD OF HER HEART is one you'll cherish.

CHILD OF HER HEART is part of the LOGAN'S LEGACY series published by Silhouette Books.  Watch for my review of Cheryl St. John's next historical from Harlequin, PRAIRIE WIFE, releasing in February 2005.

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