Children of Dynasty
By Brooke Wills
Aug 10, 2005 - 11:15:00 AM

When Mariah Grant fell in love with Rory Campbell eight years ago, she thought it would be forever.  It didn't matter that their fathers were archrivals in the Bay Area construction industry.  Their love for each other would carry them through.  Unfortunately, when Rory's father caught them together, she found out how wrong she was.  Rory's subsequent marriage to the 'perfect' woman merely pounded in the fact that Rory's connection to his father would never be broken.

Rory Campbell never forgot his first love, Mariah Grant.  Now that he is single again, and now that she is back in town working at her father's company, Grant Development, he knows he must do everything he can to win her back.  It doesn't matter that their companies are fierce competitors; he made a huge mistake ever letting Mariah get away.  But when a fatal accident occurs at a Grant site, and financial troubles threaten the very life of her company, it looks as if the business dynasties of their fathers will keep Rory and Mariah forever apart.

Newcomer Christine Carroll has penned an exciting and romantic novel in CHILDREN OF DYNASTY.  It is filled with suspense, sexy love scenes, and an adventurous ride into the corporate construction world.  The setting is the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California, and combined with characters that are wonderfully drawn, this is a book you won't be able to put down.  Ms. Carroll certainly has the beginnings of a very bright writing career ahead of her.

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