Chloe Zhivago's Recipe for Marriage and Mischief
By Leigh
Jul 1, 2007 - 10:30:58 AM


Chloe Zhivago is a woman who has it all – career, husband, kids, and a live-in au pair to help maintain order.   But Chloe is beginning to wonder if having it all means this is all you get.   Greg, her husband, has lost interest in sex (245 days and counting) and his once endearing habit of hiding things to improve his memory is now just plain annoying.   Her teenaged son Leo is firmly in the mumble and slouch stage, and while her daughter, Kitty, is (mostly) normal, she did inherit Chloe’s mother’s sense of drama.   And Bea, the au pair, has just invited her girlfriend to move in with them.  


While commiserating with her best friend Ruthie over the lack passion in their marriages, Chloe jokingly suggests that they should have affairs.   Surprisingly, Chloe finds herself thinking more and more about doing just that.   Could she cheat on Greg and risk ruining her marriage?   Could she let another man see her forty-something-and-had-two-kids naked body?    If this boredom and sense of invisibility is now her life, why shouldn’t she go ahead and do it?   Then Chloe meets Ivan, also married but looking for something more, and her ponderings of “what if” become “should I”?


CHLOE ZHIVAGO’S RECIPE FOR MARRIAGE AND MISCHIEF is a hilarious look at marriage and married dating.   Chloe is sympathetic in her angst at what her life has become and the loss of the part of her marriage that made her feel special.   Her family and their antics add humor and a sense of realism to the story and show a unique appeal as the dream that Chloe already has and stands to lose.   The role reversal of a woman with a mid-life crisis works well in this fun look at the reality of a happily-ever-after.

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