Chocolate Kisses

Author: Francis Ray, Maryann Reid, Renee Luke

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: January 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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A CHOCOLATE AFFAIR by Francis Ray Miranda Collins is a successful fashion designer who walked away from love a long time ago. But years later when Miranda travels to Texas to see a friend who is getting married, she runs into her long lost love. She is shocked by the intense passion that still burns between them. Lucian Faulkner has taken over the family business of making delectable chocolates. While catering a party for a client, he is stunned to see the woman who broke his heart years ago. Although he is determined to shun her, the passion between them will not be denied. Will Miranda give love a chance the second time around? Will Lucian convince Miranda they were meant to be together?

A CHOCOLATE AFFAIR is a beautiful love story that will melt your heart. Ms. Ray pens a tale of two people who lost love and get a second chance to make that love a reality. Miranda is a lovely woman with a very misguided mother. Lucian is a sexy man who can not deny his love for Miranda. My heart soared with this enchanting tale.


Savannah is a woman who is afraid of love. So she keeps a "man-jar" to keep track of her men. If too many of the same color candy is in the jar, she knows it is time to cut them loose. Until she meets Clinton, who makes her heart flutter and the passion burn bright. Clinton is a fireman and is tired of one night stands. He wants to find a woman who will settle down with him. When he meets Savannah, he knows in his heart that he has found the woman for him. Will Savannah ruin her chance at love with Clinton because she is too afraid to take a leap? Will Clinton leave her when he learns what the candy jar is for?

A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO COUNT is very provocative and intense. Ms. Reid pens a tale about a bruised heart and the love of a man who can heal it. Savannah is a lost soul in search of something missing from her life. Clinton is a caring man searching for his soul mate.


Nicole is a beautiful young attorney. She has been attracted to her best friend, Marcus, since their college days, but has never acted on it out of fear of losing his friendship. But when Marcus informs her he will be moving to another state, she feels like she is losing her heart. So she makes Marcus an offer he can not refuse. But she goes against her own rule and falls in love with him. Marcus is a football agent and has been offered the job of his dreams. The only problem is he has to leave the one woman who holds his heart. When he agrees to become her lover, he knows he will never be able to leave her. Will Nicole convince Marcus to stay with her? Or will Marcus pursue his dream job?

CHOCOLATE KISSES is a lovely tale of two people who belong together but are afraid to take a chance on love. Ms. Luke pens a tale of sensuality in a gripping plot with captivating characters. Nicole and Marcus are fun characters who love life and discover a powerful love.

CHOCOLATE KISSES is a charming anthology comprised of three fun and powerful romances that will have you laughing and crying. All three talented authors tell a story of how love can overcome many obstacles and use chocolate to sweeten the pot.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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