Choral Society
By Evelyn
Aug 1, 2009 - 4:08:00 PM

Rebecca is striving to stay young, even as her daughter is growing up before her eyes.  She wears clothes in the latest fashion, goes dancing at all the hottest clubs and prefers her men wealthy and under 40.  She joins the choir hoping to meet eligible bachelors.

Lucy, a food-writer, has recently lost her husband, and she can’t seem to shake herself out of her funk.  Her daughter commands Lucy to join the choir in the hopes that she will start living again.


Joanna is a successful business woman who has always succeeded in every venture.  The one blemish to her otherwise spotless record is an incident from college that has scarred her, seemingly forever.  She decides to face her fears and join the choir.


When Rebecca, Lucy and Joanna meet, they become great friends.  Each woman gives to the others something that has been holding them back.  When they decide to refurbish an old hotel on the coast, their friendship is tested by their very different personalities.


CHORAL SOCIETY is a heartfelt and engaging novel.  The characters are sympathetic and easy to relate to.  Even during their fights, I didn’t know which woman was ‘right.’  Prue Leith has done a remarkable job of making each woman’s point of view clear and understandable.  As their lives progress, I found myself cheering for them and moaning at them when they made bad choices.  I was totally enthralled by CHORAL SOCIETY.

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