Christian Ways

Author: Cheryl Warner

Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc.

Release Date: November 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Christian has her life set into a certain pattern that she believes is perfect. Good job, decent boyfriend (someday fiance, friends, and church. She also volunteers at the church to run the Outreach Program for the neighborhood children. The Outreach is a safe haven to keep them out of trouble and harms way. It is here, where Christian uses her past to teach the kids about the dangers of a fast hard life of using drugs.

With twenty plus children, Christian needs some help - any help - but she doesn't want Zachary Mitchell's! His past, with stealing and alcohol abuse, has tainted the town's view of him, including Christian's.

After their personalities bump heads numerous times, they come to find out how much they have in common: music, laughter, honesty, playfulness, both are recovering addicts, and a strong love for the Lord.

When several heart breaking incidents happen to Christian, they end up shaking her safe little world to its very foundation. Can she find closure from her past love? Will she fall back into the drugs that take the hurt away? Is the man she claims to be so perfect, the right one for her? Can God be leading her down a completely different path?

Ms. Warner has written a very good story. CHRISTIAN WAYS is about two people with jaded pasts and how love, friendship, and a personal relationship with God helps them to evolve into better people. The story deals with some tough subjects: substance abuse, death, anger, and discrimination. But Ms. Warner handles them extremely well with honesty, openness, and touches of fabulous zingers. CHRISTIAN WAYS is mainly about finding forgiveness, love, friendship and one's place in the world. With Christian Way and Zachary Mitchell, these two are tested numerous times with their relationship, their history, and what they truly need and want -- What can that be? CHRISTIAN WAYS is receiving 4 blue ribbons.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Big Momma

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