Christmas at Twilight (Twilight Texas #6)
By Jo
Aug 8, 2015 - 5:30:50 PM

CHRISTMAS AT TWILIGHT (TWILIGHT, TEXAS #6) has a lot of darkness due to depression, war injuries and survivor guilt, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), spousal abuse, borderline personality disorder (BPD) and abandonment but there is always light shining through.  Wilde does a marvelous job of making the story real and believable while touching on my emotions.

Wilde's CHRISTMAS AT TWILIGHT could be a standalone book rather than part of a series since this is the first book I am reading and did not feel lost at all.  The characters all had a depth to them as they once again embrace a newcomer in their midst, Jane/Meredith, as well as a returning Delta Force war hero, Brian Hutchinson, better known by all as Hutch.  Add in some feisty kids, Kimmie and Ben, along with Hutch's sister, Ashley, and it's a full house!  Meredith's psycho ex-husband is front and center in the storyline even though physically he's not a big part of the story.  The fear Meredith has lived in for five years whether at his hands or in her memories is often chilling.  Hutch and she have an immediate connection and there is chemistry but she's not free to act on any of her feelings given her life and what she deals with and fears daily and he's not either since he's just been released from Walter Reed Hospital after returning home injured and unable to speak after the war.  Watching the wariness and the tentative steps they make towards each other are heartwarming at times.  My emotions were engaged from the first page to the last with tears, hopelessness, sadness, sorrow, fear, laughter, happiness and hope and lots of love whether shown to the children or between adults.  There are family and friends, traditions, holiday happenings, days and nights to get through, children to keep happy and occupied while giving them a nice Christmas and also a feeling of safety with all that is going on around them especially with Kimmie's mom and Hutch's sister, Ashley.

Chapter one set the stage for Hutch's return to civilian life and the epilogue tied up all the loose ends and gave me the happily ever after I was hoping for. There are so many twists to the story but all the facts are needed to take us to the end.

Wilde is an author I enjoy and I've read many of her books most recently her Jubilee, Texas series.  I somehow have not read her other books set in Twilight, Texas and have added them to my always growing TBR pile along with some of her other books that I've missed along the way.

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