Christmas Carol

Author: Hollie Davidson

Publisher: eXtasy

Release Date: December 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Rani Davis has grown up being called Red because of her hair color. She'd grown up in a dysfunctional and her big brother, Rory, practically raised her. At the age of seventeen, Rani had left the town of Edom. Now six years later, she's back in Texas for Christmas with her brother, but it's her brother's best friend, Klint who captures most of her attention.

Klint had grown up right along side Rory and Rani. They'd all spent a lot of time at Klint's home. Both Rory and Rani had even lived there for a while because of the issues at their own home. Klint remembers Rani as the chunky little sister of his best friend. It's been six years since he'd seen her and in no way does the new Rani resemble the same girl he had once known.

For Rani, returning to Texas is exciting. She'd even forced her best friend, Diane, to accompany her. Even Diane's surly mood doesn't dampen Rani's enthusiasm. Once they arrive in Dallas, the girls let themselves into Rory's apartment. He'd sent Rani the key to the place because he knew he wouldn't be there when they arrived. While Rani and Diane were sleeping off the effects from the long trip, Klint and Kevin let themselves into the apartment. Klint had gotten too tired to continue driving all the way out to the ranch and decided to get a few hours sleep at Rory's place. He has a key and often spends the night sleeping on the couch or in the guest room. They weren't aware that Rani or Diane are there until Diane attempts to brain Kevin with an umbrella. Neither Klint nor Rani recognize each other until after Rani informs Klint that her brother said she could stay in the apartment. Klint can't believe how much she's changed or how much he wants her. What will happen when Rani's big brother, Rory finds out? What about the orphaned little girl, Carol, who Rani takes into her heart and wants desperately to give a home?

CHRISTMAS CAROL is a story that will steal your heart and leave you with a fresh new hope for humanity in general. The characters are remarkably realistic and a whole lot of fun to imagine, especially Kevin and Diane who seemed to do nothing but throw insults back and forth. Now there would be a very interesting couple. Rani and Klint are the perfect couple. Admitting to their attraction for each other isn't easy for either one of them. Hollie Davidson's stories have always touched me emotionally and this one is no exception. You'll laugh and cry right along with the characters. A wonderful story with a very unexpected ending.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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