Christmas Carol

Author: Ellen Fisher

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: December 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Jackson Parker’s father, Robert, never had the Christmas spirit and it’s just fitting that he passed away a week before the holiday. Even dead he kills the holiday season for Jackson. To say father and son were estranged would be putting it mildly. Jackson had not returned home since leaving for college. He moved away, settled in a condo and was invested in an IT career. He leaves all that temporarily to handle his father’s affairs but it’s not going to be that cut and dry when Jackson arrives and meets Carol Bell.

Carol is none too happy to see Robbie’s son. He hasn’t visited his father in quite some time and she hardly expected him to show up for the funeral. However, she learns the man Jackson grew up with is not the same one she’s been neighbors with for a year. Carol sees how their dysfunctional relationship has affected Jackson and tries to heal him. She’ll start with some Christmas spirit. Jackson’s memories of dear old dad are soaked with bitterness and resentment. He tries to come to grips with the lonely, loved-by-all-church goer his father turned out to be. Looking back from an adult’s perspective, Jackson begins to see a little of both sides.

CHRISTMAS CAROL is poignant and bittersweet as Jackson deals with his tumultuous emotions concerning his father’s death and the unresolved issues between them. As for his feelings for Carol, both agree their affair will be temporary but it’s not long before it turns into something more profound. Will their Christmas stockings be full of love or heartache this year? Find out in Ellen Fisher’s holiday heart warmer CHRISTMAS CAROL!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tracy Marsac

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