Christmas Cash
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 15, 2005 - 12:23:00 PM

Noelle is a woman on a mission. Because Cash McCain has refused to hire her to work in the Raising Cain, she’s forced to look for employment elsewhere. As luck would have it, Noelle has found a nice little job as a bell ringer, directly across the street from Raising Cain and since Cash sleeps right above the family business, she’ll be delighted to be his very early wake up call each day, at least then he’d notice her.

Cash doesn’t need Noelle’s hot little body distracting him from work. As his sister’s best friend, Noelle is off-limits. Refusing to hire her to work the family bar was the right thing to do. Or so he thinks. Seeing her standing outside in a little Mrs. Claus outfit ringing that infernal bell is going to bring out those dominant tendencies he’s tried so hard to keep hidden from the little vixen.

Cash’s refusal to hire Noelle stuns her. Not nearly as much as the way he goes about it though. He uses Noelle’s attraction to him and brings her to soul shattering orgasm just before informing her "this is why you can’t work here." Technically, it’s Cash’s own fault that Noelle had to seek employment elsewhere. While she’s not happy to be outside in the cold, it’s a source of income and as an added bonus, she’ll get the satisfaction of knowing she’s irritating Cash with her bell-ringing while he’s trying to sleep. If she throws a little bit of extra enthusiasm into her bell ringing, well, that’s all for Cash’s benefit. She has no way of knowing that Cash has some very erotic punishments lined up and the more she antagonizes him, the more his palm itches to paddle her luscious behind.

Maggie Casper’s CHRISTMAS CASH is a book sure to have you smiling right through to the end. You can easily picture Noelle’s bouncy spirit and determination to get even with Cash for his pigheadedness as she’s ringing her bell. She takes such evil delight in annoying him, it’s laugh out loud funny. You can almost feel sorry for Cash. He’s trying to do the right thing by making an attempt to keep her away from him, but everything he does to scare her off only excites her more. The poor man’s fighting a losing battle and doesn’t even know it. CHRISTMAS CASH is a wonderfully fun story I could easily read over and over. Definite keeper shelf material!

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