Christmas Cowboy
By Nickie Langdon
Dec 1, 2005 - 12:28:00 PM

Trey Kincaid and Kelly St. Clair were an item for one hot moment quite a few years ago.  Fate stepped in and they went their own ways.  It’s Christmas and Kelly’s all alone. 

Kelly has no one in her life at the moment since her ex-fiancé left her.  Her plans for Christmas include some music and a present her sister sent to her.  She’s just wrapped her wet head in a towel and donned orange sweats when she hears a knock at the door. 

All the way down the steps, she tries to figure out who it could be.  She’s in for the shock of her life when she opens the door.  At first she doesn’t recognize him.

Trey remembers the last time he saw Kelly.  When he’s given the opportunity to see her again, he’s not about to pass it up.  He can’t possibly disappoint his grandmother or Serena when he’s asked to deliver Christmas presents to Kelly.

The towel on her head and the sweats do nothing to hide the real Kelly from him.  They discuss their lives and how much they’ve missed one another.  There is plenty to keep them occupied under the tree.

Trey is going to go to the store to make a purchase but the doors are locked.  When they go up to the bedroom, everything they need is ready.

Trey and Kelly have a Christmas Eve to remember, but is it enough to bring them back together.  Oh yes, the ex-fiancé intrudes.  Not for long, though.  He’s made to feel quite unwelcome.

Allyson James writes one hot CHRISTMAS COWBOY.  What red-blooded woman wouldn’t want him, literally, wrapped up under her Christmas tree?  Will the grandmother and aunt succeed in getting their favorites back together?  Are Kelly and Trey willing to take another chance with each other?  This is one of the Ellora’s Cave White Hot Holiday Quickies this year and it’s a keeper!  I love cowboys and this one more than fits the mould.

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