Christmas Heat
By ladybirdrobi
Oct 14, 2007 - 3:49:49 PM

Audrey Lamour is a single mother to daughter Stacy.  She is a very talented freelance painter.  She is determined to she give Stacy a normal Christmas despite the painful memories of that Christmas Eve when she lost both of her parents to a house fire.

Ulysses Conrad Pearson is a successful owner of a photography studio.  He has come back to Festive Cove in an effort to come to terms with his father death.  His father, Grant, was a firefighter who lost his life in a house fire trying to save a little girl's parents.  He blames that girl for his father's death.  Rationally, he knows that she didn't cause his death, but she lived; his dad didn't.

In memory of her hero, Grant Pearson, Audrey paints a beautiful and poignant picture of him.  It is this painting that appears in an art magazine that draws Conrad back.  Without a proper introduction of himself, he befriends Audrey and commissions her to do a painting of himself.  He seems familiar somehow to Audrey but she hasn't placed him as Ulysses yet.  She knew him as a child and they had gone to the same school, she even kissed him.  How will Audrey feel when she discovers Conrad's deception?  Will she forgive him?  Will Conrad come to terms with his father's death?  Will he forgive Audrey for his misplaced blame?

Mr. Archer wrote a beautiful, poignant story.  CHRISTMAS HEAT was an awesome read.  The title aptly fits twofold, for the fire in the past and the heat that stirs within Conrad and Audrey.  I'm not used to admiring men for writing romances but I have to do so now.  It brought tears to my eyes and compassion from my heart.  Kudos to you, Mr. Archer.  I never once felt a masculine flavor to what I read; very well done, indeed!

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