Christmas Letters
By Nadine St. Denis
Sep 11, 2006 - 9:57:00 PM

Christmas is Katherine O’Connor’s, or as she prefers to be called, K.O., favorite time of the year.  The sights and smells of Christmas in Seattle are second to none.  Plus her now lucrative business of writing juicy, creative Christmas cards for other people is giving her much needed income until she lands the perfect job in her new field.  The one damper to her festive spirit is her sister Zelda’s zeal for her new method of raising her twin daughters.  When Zelda informs her that Santa will no longer be allowed in their home at Christmas due to chapter eight of Dr. Wynn Jeffries child rearing book, The Free Child, K.O. is appalled! This outraged aunt would dearly love the chance to give Dr. Jeffries a piece of her mind! 

When K.O. accidentally meets up with the famous author, she can’t believe her luck.  Now she will finally get her chance to let this Santa-hater know how he is ruining the lives of children everywhere, not to mention her two young nieces.  If only he wasn’t so attractive and kind.  Will this outspoken beauty set Wynn straight, or is she in for a change herself?


As K.O. and Wynn battle over who is right and who is wrong, they can’t battle the attraction they feel for each other.  But how can it feel so right when they are together when their fundamental beliefs are so different?  Will they learn the art of compromise, and grab at true love?  Or will their combined stubbornness and lack of trust ruin what might just be the best Christmas ever?


CHRISTMAS LETTERS by renowned author Debbie Macomber is a wonderful, whimsical story that is just perfect for getting you into the Christmas spirit.  You will not only be delighted with the very humorous characters and their plights, but the wonderful lessons they learn about trust, compromise, and what true love really means will enchant all readers!  Curl up with CHRISTMAS LETTERS and delve into the creative world of K.O. and Wynn.

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