Christmas Lovers
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 15, 2005 - 12:21:00 PM

Sergeant Connor Jordon can’t stop thinking about the sexy nurse he’d nicknamed “Florence Nightingale.” She’d taken care of him after he was injured in Iraq. After he’s released from her care, his brothers purchase him a Christmas fantasy courtesy of Kidnap Fantasies to help him get over his infatuation.

Nurse Tangle Sparks, also known as "Florence Nightingale" to Connor, can’t stop thinking about her "Soldier." While she maintains her professionalism, she can’t help dreaming of the man she’d taken loving care of for so many months while he healed. On the verge of burnout and hoping to get over Connor, she decides to call up her part time employer, Kidnap Fantasies.

Connor’s afraid his affection for Nurse Sparks is nothing more than the Florence Nightingale Syndrome that he’d heard so much about. That doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about her even after he’s left her care. Conner’s stunned by his brothers gift of a Kidnap Fantasy. Still it’s his fantasy and he intends to indulge, first order, a woman that looks like Nurse Sparks. Of course, he can’t really have her but maybe a look alike will satisfy his need. Second, his secret fantasy of sex with another man. Maybe even a menage a trois. The possibilities are endless and Conner’s barely able to contain his excitement. Meanwhile, Nurse Sparks is facing burnout and needs a break from nursing. Not wanting to spend the holidays with her family, she arranges an assignment with Kidnap Fantasies over the Christmas holiday. For her it’s a wonderful release from her normal life and being kidnapped is always exciting. Of course, her fantasy man would be Conner but maybe somebody that looks like him would satisfy her. Imagine each of their surprise when they first see one another in the secluded hideaway set up for their ultimate sexual fantasies.

Jan Springer’s CHRISTMAS LOVERS is extremely exciting to read. The whole concept of being able to live out your sexual fantasies in a safe environment and not be judged because of them is very cool. Tangle and Conner both have strong desires for each other but neither would act on them because of their ethics and beliefs. There’s something very ironic about the way they find themselves matched up through the organization. Let’s not forget the ultra sexy set-up of the hideaway either. I have all sorts of naughty ideas running around in my imagination now. CHRISTMAS LOVERS is the perfect book to let your imagination run wild and indulge your senses in fantasies.

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