Christmas at Cardwell Ranch
By Diana S
Nov 1, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Lily McCabe has come back to Big Sky, Montana, to help her brother Ace in his bar over the holidays. Lily is a mathematician who teaches at Montana University. She lives a very structured life and likes it that way.

Tag Cardwell has made a surprise visit to Big Sky to see his father, Harlan, who he hasn't seen in years, having been brought up by his mother in Texas. The welcome he gets is anything but warm and leads him to have a lot of questions about his father's lifetime.

Ace, Lily's brother, owns the Canyon Bar and when two of his servers disappear the same night, Lily decides to investigate. Lily has a home on top of the mountain so on her way home she stops at Mia's condo to check on her. When she finds the condo tossed and Mia not there, she immediately calls the sheriff.

Tag was at the bar for a beer the night the girls went missing. Mia had collided with Tag as she was headed out the door. Thinking she is too drunk to drive, he follows her outside and sees her being forced into a truck by a man. The next day while he is up on the mountain with his cousin looking for a Christmas tree, he discovers Mia's body.

Tag finds a flash drive in his coat pocket that he thinks Mia might have put there, so not knowing who to trust he decides to talk to Lily about it and see what she thinks. Bringing Lily in on it puts her in danger and so the mystery begins.

Lily was left at the altar six months before and is not wanting a relationship with any man. But she has to admit there is something between her and Tag. So she is ready to try and help him figure out what is on the flash drive.

Will they figure out what is on the flash drive and will it lead them into trouble? How many people will die while the mystery unfolds? Will characters from previous stories be brought back?

If you love books of intrigue and puzzle solving then you will greatly enjoy CHRISTMAS AT CARDWELL RANCH. B.J. Daniels has a way of telling a story of death, family, love, and puzzles to make you keep turning the pages until the book is finished. I love her books and will be looking for her next book to come out. A good Christmas story about Montana and the "s" word (snow).

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