Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage
By Darla
Oct 20, 2008 - 5:28:31 PM

Sea Pines Cottage is a cozy shingle cottage on the tip of Cape Fear, North Carolina.  There is no electricity or running water, but the cottage is always clean and warmed by the giant stone fireplace in the living room.  It is also the home of Meteor, the narrator of the story.  Meteor is a golden retriever, and CHRISTMAS AT SEA PINES COTTAGE is his life story.


Meteor is adopted by Robert, the owner of the cottage.  Robert is a gentleman and a dog lover, but he is sad and lonely.  A wounded veteran, Robert returned from the war with a missing leg and a somber countenance.  As Robert and Meteor settle into their routine at the cottage, Meteor makes it his responsibility to make sure that Robert is protected from the bad elements of life.  Robert writes stories and reads them to Meteor as part of their nightly ritual.  They are caretakers of the Cape Fear lighthouse and make the trek up to check its operation each day.  They also spend hours sailing Robert’s little sailboat along the coast.


Meteor becomes instrumental in filling in the joy that is missing in Robert’s life.  He helps Robert find his soul mate in Laura, a woman who Robert rescues from the sea during a storm.  With some crafty matchmaking from Meteor, they all settle into a lovely, long life at the cottage.  Through it all, Christmas has become Meteor’s favorite time.  His humans decorate Sea Pines Cottage with fresh greenery and Laura’s homemade candle-holders, and the scent of Christmas turkey and cinnamon makes the cottage even cozier.  Meteor narrates the ups and downs of his life in the cottage and his crucial role in the family as they are struck with tragedy one unfortunate Christmas.


I can’t say enough good things about CHRISTMAS AT SEA PINES COTTAGE.  Sally Smith O’Rourke has a wonderful gift for story-telling.  Each page of this novel is brimming with discovery and sentiment.  Meteor’s life is spent in the loving arms of a family for whom he would die to protect.  Travel along the pages through Meteor’s eyes as he sees Robert become a husband and father, finding the much-deserved joy, which he was previously denied.  This is a lovely story that will have you laughing and crying with its sheer simplicity.  I plan to put it on the Christmas list for at least four of my family members.  Do yourself a favor and read CHRISTMAS AT SEA PINES COTTAGE, but don’t forget the tissues!

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