Christmas at Twilight
By Dottie
Nov 5, 2014 - 12:18:56 PM

After a mission gone wrong, Delta Force operative Hutch is the only surviving member of his team. He is determined to visit the families of these men, but he first has to deal with his own problems. He was also injured during the mission, losing the tip of his index finger and was hit in the throat. Although there is no medical reason for it, Hutch is still unable to speak. When the doctors despair of his speech returning, they send Hutch home, where he is met by a woman wielding pepper spray. Hutch discovers that his sister Ashley, who was supposed to be housesitting for him, has rented out part of his house and gone off on vacation with a new boyfriend, leaving her young daughter, Kimmie, at home with the renter.

Five years ago, Meredith ran away from her abusive ex-husband, who is a police officer. But the only one who believes her is her psychologist.  After killing her psychologist, her husband laid the blame on Meredith. So there is now an arrest warrant out for Meredith, who is now using the name Jane. When her van breaks down in Twilight, Meredith finds a friend in Ashley and rents a room from her. When Ashley suddenly takes off on a vacation with a man she just met, Meredith tries to warn her not to go. But Ashley leaves anyway, depending on Meredith to watch her little girl.

As time passes, Meredith begins to worry that something has happened to Ashley, but she has no idea where to turn. When she sees a man with approximately the same build as her ex, she pepper sprays him before discovering that he is Ashley's brother and the owner of the house where she is living. Meredith no longer trusts men, but when he asks for her help in caring for Kimmie, they make a tentative agreement. She will stay until after the holidays, but there are certain conditions he must agree to first. Meredith soon finds that condition number four, no touching, is the hardest one to keep as her attraction to Hutch deepens.

Hutch has never met a woman like Meredith before and as the holidays approach, there are two things he longs for. He wants to regain his speech and he wants to form a family with Meredith, Ben and Kimmie. But can he get Meredith to take a chance on marriage again, and stay and fight for their future? Or will she run once more at the next possible threat?

A heartwarming tale, CHRISTMAS AT TWILIGHT, the tenth book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Wilde's TWILIGHT, TEXAS series, is a sweet, suspense-filled contemporary romance that is perfect for the holidays. Hutch, usually an outgoing guy, is withdrawn as he struggles to regain his speech. Meanwhile, Meredith is a strong woman who has been emotionally and physically hurt and is now afraid to trust as she showers all her love on her son and tries to protect him. Hutch and Meredith are wonderful together as they slowly work through their issues, learning to trust and managing to communicate despite his inability to speak. With a touch of gritty realism, this story addresses PTSD, mental illness and domestic abuse, and how the love and support of loved ones aids the healing process. Readers may find it hard not to shed a tear or two at some of the really touching moments in this delectable story and the two children will steal your heart.

Small town life, humor, healing, interesting characters, suspense, danger, abuse, mental issues, Christmas, trust, romance and love all combine for a truly entertaining story for the holidays and all year long. This book can be read as a standalone, although it is sure to whet your appetite for the other wonderful TWILIGHT, TEXAS novels. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of CHRISTMAS AT TWILIGHT. An unforgettable must-read tale that is not only for the holidays!

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