Christmas in Cowboy Country
By Diana S
Oct 20, 2014 - 2:47:59 PM

Annie Bennett has returned home to Velde, Colorado, and the family ranch after breaking her leg while working as a ski instructor. She loves being with her parents but is not used to needing to let her parents know what she is doing. As the youngest and the only girl, Annie has always been protected by her two older brothers and her parents. She likes her independence and is not sure she wants to remain at home after her leg heals.

Marshall Stone is posing as a surveyor while working as a federal agent. Tyrell Bennett, Annie's father, doesn't like finding him on his ranch and tells him to leave. When Annie goes out to the field to find her father, she interrupts him having words with Marshall about trespassing. Right away Annie feels an attraction to the stranger.

The town of Velde has been growing and has spread out since the last time Annie was home. It seems to her that it is getting closer to the ranch all the time. Velde is getting ready for the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, with street decorations and its annual pageants. There are a lot of tourists coming to the mountains for the season.

Annie and Marshall are having an on and off relationship that is keeping them both frustrated. The snow bunnies and his new female federal officer are all vying for Marshall's attention which keeps Annie wondering whether he is worth her time.

Marshall is on assignment trying to get evidence about a land grab scheme and fraudulent loan offers to elderly residents that take all of their savings and leave them with nothing.

Will the small town of Velde escape dealing with the aftermath of a scam deal? Who is doing what to whom and whether or not Annie and Marshall have a happy ending is something to find out by reading the book. It is a little early for me to be reading about the holidays but this book doesn't dwell only on that so it keeps you guessing and interested until the very end. There are some nosey residents, as all small towns have, who keep the story light-hearted to the end. I recommend this book as a great holiday story written by one of the best authors of our time.

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