Christmas in July

Author: Marc Jarrod

Publisher: Devine Destinies

Release Date: December 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: ebook

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Stuck in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere – that’s what Christmas night looks like for Jon Burnett, a Harvard-educated doctor. Passing through the area – July County in Midwest United States, he hadn’t counted on the dreadful winter weather to make the roads unsafe and needing to spend the night in this sleepy town. Jon cannot believe such places even exist – how can a town exist with just 250 inhabitants?

But Jon is not at the end of his tether. With a splash that resembles being dumped into a mire, he did not expect his arrival to this quaint region to spread such waves. How come – well, July does not have a doctor, and their Christmas wish is to have a doctor come to settle in the town. This seems on the point of happening when Jon Burnett is introduced as a doctor at the local Christmas fete.


But, wait a minute, he wants to scream. He’s just here for one night and that is because of the storm. He has a life waiting for him out there in the ‘real’ world...a life with his own private practice where he’d be making a six-figure income worthy of his Harvard education.


That is, until Jon gets to know Jenny Stevenson, a resident of July who has no desire to leave her little town. She makes him question his rigid stand, yet will this woman be enough to make Dr. Jon Burnett take a radical U-turn on the life he’d sketched for him and remain in July?


I enjoyed the pace of this story. Mr. Jarrod writes with a smooth, almost lazy flow that lulls a reader’s mind into a calm, peaceful zone where the story he pens unfolds in a steady trickle.


I wanted to see how the author would tackle the issue of a small town and its community, how its world would be painted. He did not disappoint – July is your every little town, complete with law-enforcement who doubles as every other guard/help/protection duty, and its gaggle of quirky, over-the-top characters. Little storylines featuring the inhabitants of July are artfully woven into the tale. Yet, Mr. Jarrod does not let the focus slip from his main protagonist, Jon and the budding relationship and attraction between Jon and Jenny.


This was a nice story that reads easily while time flies by. The Christmas spirit is evident in the book, yet it is a story of people and hearts and emotions that should find an echo with readers all year round.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Zee

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