Christmas on Mimosa Lane: A Seasons of the Heart Novel
By Billie Jo
Dec 1, 2012 - 2:05:31 PM

Mallory Phillips has just moved to Mimosa Lane and is the school nurse at the public elementary school.  She has struggled most of her life and moved to the neighborhood to live a “normal life”.  All Mallory wishes for is to have the perfect Christmas, one she has always dreamed of.  When Polly, the little girl next door, keeps showing up at her house in the early morning hours, Mallory knows she must help this family who has suffered a tragic loss.  Mallory is not prepared for the electrifying passion that swarms over her when Polly’s father is around her.  But she believes in her heart that no one will be able to accept who she really is.  Will Mallory be able to face the past that haunts her and finally succeed in having the Christmas she has always dreamed of? 

Pete Lombard is a man who is suffering greatly after the loss of his wife.  Although he is trying to be a great dad for his daughter, his grief is hurting both of them.  He is not sure how to help his little girl deal with the death of her mother.  When his reclusive next door neighbor calls him, he rushes over to get Polly, only to be faced by a woman who is willing to tell him he is being a horrible parent.  He agrees to let Mallory help his little girl and him.  The more he learns of his neighbor, he realizes that he may have a second chance at love.  If only the stubborn woman would open her heart to him.  Will Pete be able to tear down the walls around Mallory’s heart and let love shine? 

CHRISTMAS ON MIMOSA LANE is one of the most emotionally powerful tales I have read in a long time.  Ms. DeStefano pens a poignant tale with charismatic characters who must overcome tragic events in their lives.  I went through a whole box of tissues while reading CHRISTMAS ON MIMOSA LANE.  And my heart soared when love brightened the darkened world of three lost souls.  I adored all the characters set in this charming tale.  Their stories are heart wrenching and you cannot help but to hope that they will find their happily ever after. 

Mallory Phillips is a truly wonderful character who has a heart the size of Texas.  Her willingness to help others, even when she believes that she is not worthy of love, is what really endeared me to her character.    

Pete is a charming character trying to deal with the death of his wife.  He falls hard for Mallory and is willing to do anything to keep her by his side.

I highly recommend the magical tale of CHRISTMAS ON MIMOSA LANE to all readers who love an emotional read set in the holiday of Christmas. 




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