Christmas on Parole
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 26, 2007 - 4:40:23 PM

Deke Halls is sure he’s caught up in some sort of warped version of punked - there’s just no other reason he can come up with for the situation in which he’s found himself.   One minute he’s driving happily down the road envisioning his upcoming trip to the tropics and the snow bunnies in bikinis.   The next minute he’s plowed his semi into a fifteen-foot monument of Rudolph and under arrest for involuntary reindeer-slaughter, second degree.

Laney McGovern isn’t having the best of days.   She’s endured a condescending phone call from her jerk of an ex-husband and been dumped via email by the man who was supposed to accompany her to her best friend’s wedding.   The last thing she needs is to deal with yet another male who thinks he can get away with desecrating the town’s beloved monument.   Since she’s the town judge, she’ll ensure that Deke doesn’t get away with his callous behavior.


Deke is about to find out just how unique Noelle, Alberta, is since he’ll be spending a bit of time here.   He never believed that she’d actually sentence him to spending CHRISTMAS ON PAROLE.   When everything’s said and done, Deke has to spend one day with each of the six founding families whose heritage he’s destroyed.


Laney’s aware of the similarities between Deke and her ex and she’s convinced that he’ll behave in exactly the same self-centered manner that she expects.   What she hadn’t anticipated is her own attraction to him or the guilt she feels for believing the worst of him.   Deke’s experiences with each of the founding families have him becoming more and more attached to the town and the vixen who’s ruined his holiday plans.  


I was drawn to this story because my husband is a truck driver and I really was intrigued by that angle.   After reading this story though I was delighted with the whole idea of the town.   There’s a sense of wonder, hope and good will amongst the characters and really could you not love a story with a character known as Santa Claus?   Stacey Dawn brings this holiday oriented town to life and instills a sense of holiday spirit - even for a grinch like me!   CHRISTMAS ON PAROLE is a delightfully fun read full of situations that will have readers smiling as they read through the pages to see whether Deke and Laney to cave into their feelings for each other or not.


If after reading this story you want to spend some more time with the citizens of Noelle, Alberta, then be sure to check out Ms. Dawn’s REINDEER GAMES.

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