Cilla’s Master
By Suzie Housley
Jul 1, 2010 - 2:21:41 PM

The club was where Charles, a divorcee, and Cilla, a widower, could forget that the outside world existed.   Through these private walls their lives took on a whole different meaning, one that enabled them to fulfill their innermost fantasies.  Charles is a dominate Master, and Cilla is his willing submissive.  

Charles and Cilla had been friends for years; lately he has been feeling closer to Cilla.  He tries to push these growing feelings away and enjoy the moments they spend together, but his hungry soul craves more.  He suggests that Cilla and he have a relationship outside the club. 


Cilla if fearful of a relationship with Charles; having been married to a dominate man, she doesn’t want to be lured into another man’s spell to feel trapped.  Will she be able to put her fears to rest and trust Charles is the man for her, or will she reject his proposition and lose the friendship they share?


Katherine Kingston’s CILLA’S MASTER is one hot book.  From the moment you read page one you are convinced this is going to be one electrifying romance ride.  This is the type of BDSM that dreams are made out of. You definitely will be captivated by all of the intense sexual pleasure you find in this one book.

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