Cinderella Lopez
By Red
Apr 26, 2006 - 6:33:00 PM

What would you do if the last thing your dying father a
sked of you was to keep the family together? Cynthia tries to keep t rue to her word but dealing with the egocentric VJ twins is no easy  job. These Two are the most heartless and bitchiest twins that one  could endure.

Cynthia is only 24 but she has an old soul that fights to  keep her Sanity. She is simple and enjoys her redundant life of being  the Caretaker but secretly she yearns for more, more than she could e ver imagine possible. She is over worked and underpaid a nd desperately needs a man in her life. Then she meets Eric.

Eric is 29 and has his own secrets he hides from her. Will the secrets t hey keep from each other ruin a fairy tale romance before it even b egins?

What a modern day fairy tale this is. It brings you back to when you w ere a little girl reading Cinderella but it adds the reality of an adult v iew to it. It was exciting to read, the characters were brought to life i n this page turner. It's definitely worth reading and you will find o ut that fairy tales do happen they just may not happen the way you w ere led to believe.

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