Cinderella's Sweet-Talking Marine: Men of Honor
By Nadine St. Denis
Aug 4, 2004 - 1:43:00 PM

Ellie Jensen didn't mind being a waitress, she just hated having to work in a jute joint like Big Al's, where the majority of the patrons felt that they could grab her whenever they pleased. When through the haze of smoke she sees a tough and sexy marine come to her aid, she can't believe her luck. Ben can't believe his luck either, John's sister is gorgeous and in need of rescuing, but what he didn't plan on was having to deal with her stubbornness and independence, how far will he go to help her?


Being a single mom to her five-year-old daughter, Amy, means that the incredible joy and daunting responsibility lie solely with her. When Ben muscles his way into her life, she knows the right thing to do is to tell him to leave. She can handle things on her own. Only she didn't count on her daughter falling for his charm, or falling for him herself. She's no Cinderella, but this sweet-talking Marine makes her feel like one. Does he love her at all, or is he just fulfilling the request of his best friend?


CINDERELLA'S SWEET-TALKING MARINE by Cathie Linz is a delightful story. She makes you believe that maybe fairy tales can come true. I definitely recommend this book and I am eagerly awaiting THE MARINE MEETS HIS MATCH, the next in the series.

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