Cindy Revisited

Author: Honey Jans

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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At twenty-nine years of age, Cynthia Jane Taylor has given up her art studio to take care of her father’s ranch while he’s incarcerated for tax evasion.  All her time is taken up mucking out stalls, waiting on her stepmother and spoiled self-centered stepsisters and fending off an Randall Industries aggressive attempts to convince her to sell the property.  It looks like she’s doomed to remain a virgin forever, but then she has some very special fairies on her side trying desperately to help her achieve a happily-every-after.

Despite all Dora’s attempts at helping Cynthia get laid over the last six months she’s still untouched.   That doesn’t deter Dora though.   With the Policeman’s Ball coming up there’s a whole new opportunity for Cynthia to shine.   Rumor has it that JT Randall, the star of all Cynthia’s teenage fantasies, will even make an appearance.   As tempting as going to the ball is Cynthia really doesn’t have anything to wear and isn’t interested in yet another disappointing night where she remains unkissed.   Her best bet is to stay home and drown her sorrows in Rocky Road ice cream.


That was the plan until the Fairytales makeover team arrives at her door.   Cynthia assumes that this is a birthday gift from Dora so she settles back and enjoys being pampered.   They even produce a beautiful gown for her to wear.   For one night Cynthia will have the chance to live out her fantasies which is a little easier since nobody except Dora recognizes her.   Jake’s quite taken with the young woman calling herself Cyn but he soon discovers she isn’t as experienced as her behavior led him to believe.    Before he has the opportunity to delve too far into the mystery surrounding her, Cyn disappears – leaving nothing behind but a pair of golden panties.   Will Jake be able to see his Cyn in the overall-wearing Cynthia?   And will Cyn find the strength to trust him when his father’s corporation is using such underhanded tactics to try to get its hands on her father’s ranch.   With a little help from a team of fairies, they just may pull off a happily-ever-after but not without a few unexpected surprises along the way.


Honey Jans takes a much beloved fairy tale and puts a modern spin on it with delightful results in her newest release CINDY REVISITED.   I admit that I loved the fairy tale Cinderella but I enjoyed this story even more because rather than being sugary sweet, the plot is sexy, wicked, and far more realistic than the Disney version.   There may not be a fairy godmother in real life but sometimes extraordinary things happen and you know - there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about finding a special man ready, willing and able to whisk us away from the doldrums of life.   This is a fun, imaginative tale with a bit of suspense which I’m sure readers will thoroughly enjoy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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